UtopYA Featured Author HeaderWelcome to the second to last day of this fantastic feature event! It’s been such a FUN time! Getting to know some of these authors through the interviews and books has been such a blast!

In case you’ve missed any of our features, here they are below —

Kelly Risser

Kallie Ross

Becca Vincenza

Casey L. Bond

Heather Lyons

Liz Long

Katie McGarry

Sherry D. Ficklin

NL Greene

Julie Wetzel

Jo Michaels




Today, we are featuring another fabulous woman who has been extremely supportive of me since she and I met! It’s Tia Silverthorne Bach!

Tia Bach


How I Met Tia:

You’ll start to get bored of this, but Tia is also one of the authors that was part of the anthology that I read and loved earlier this year. I praised it, she and I started chatting and… the rest just happened!

About Tia Silverthorne Bach:

Tia Silverthorne Bach has been married to her college sweetheart for twenty years, has three beautiful girls, and adores living in sunny California. Her daughters were born in Chicago, San Diego, and Baltimore; and she feels fortunate to have called many places home. She believes in fairy tales and happy endings and is an avid reader and rabid grammar hound.

She is an award-winning, multi-genre author and an Editor for Indie Books Gone Wild. From an early age, she escaped into books and believes they can be the source of healing and strength. If she’s not writing, you can find her on the tennis court, at the movies, reading a good book, or spooning Jif peanut butter right out of the jar.

Tia’s Links

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Tia’s Books

Available Books:

Chasing Memories (Tala Prophecy, Book 1)

Chasing Shadows (Tala Prophecy, Book 2)

Fractured Glass: A Novel Anthology

Depression Cookies (women’s fiction)


Coming Soon:

Chasing Destiny (Tala Prophecy, Book 3)

About Chasing Forgiveness

Chasing Forgiveness When terror strikes, forever altering your life, it doesn’t ask permission or forgiveness.

Madeleine and Amélie’s quiet lives are ripped apart by a creature they never imagined could exist outside a horror story. Their mother is murdered, their father is missing, and the only safe haven is with a family full of secrets. But rescue comes at a price.

Ripped from the light of youth, the sisters are forced into the shadows—where they meet brothers Rafe and Rowan.

It’s not the time for infatuation or love, but the heart rarely listens to reason.

Now, the young women have decisions to make. Will they be able to achieve their unified goal of stopping evil, or will it consume them from the inside out?

They soon learn some choices can’t be undone.

Author’s Note: This novella can be read as a stand-alone.

Buy Chasing Forgiveness


Add on Goodreads.

Chasing-Forgiveness-No-Fear teaser

A Virtual Sit Down with Tia Silverthorne Bach — UtopYA Edition

1. Tell us about your experience with UtopYA. What’s your history with UtopYA and why do you attend?

Last year was my first ever UtopYA. After hearing so much about it from authors I admired, I took a chance and bought a ticket. It was amazing! Not only did I get to finally meet some of my favorite authors face-to-face, and simply benefit from their awesomeness, but I also learned so much about the industry. Oh, and my to-read list grew exponentially.

2. What is your favorite Nashville attraction and why? If this is your first time attending UtopYA/visiting Nashville, what are you most excited to see?

Growing up, I lived near Nashville and my family and I would go to Opryland (an amusement park). Unfortunately, it no longer exists. Since my dad’s a huge country music fan, we would also visit the Grand Old Opry. This year, a group of us are going to The Parthenon, and I can’t wait! How cool to see a full-scale replica of the one in Athens. Nashville is such an awesome city!

3. What makes UtopYA different from any other book convention/signing?

It’s all about being a community and finding your passion. And that’s in addition to awesome panels, great fun, meeting authors, connecting with bloggers and readers, and discovering fascinating new reads. Plus, Janet Wallace—the heart and soul behind UtopYA—is a goddess with an enchanting ability to empower.

4. When not attending the conference, where will you be spending your week in Nashville?

The ladies of Fractured Glass—Jo Michaels, Casey L. Bond, Kelly Risser, and N.L. Greene, and I—will be brainstorming new story ideas. Oh, and we are in the Lip Sync competition. Pretty much, I’ll be hanging out with all my favorite author friends. I can’t wait to see where the latest UtopYA adventure takes me.

5. What are you reading right now?

I just finished Reclaim, Book 3 in the Harvest Saga, by Casey L Bond. Such an awesome series. Next, I’m reading Bright Side by Kim Holden, who will be one of the keynote speakers this year.

6. What are some of your favorite summertime reads? What recs do you have for your readers to check out this summer?

I’m an equal opportunity reader. I read almost any genre, so I really use the summers to mix it up. Although I’ll admit, I love to read a good summer romance. Nora Roberts has always been a favorite, go-to summertime author, but now I have so many authors to pick from, it’s hard to narrow down. However, I can highly recommend the following books that I’ve read in the last year:

M & the Mystic series by Jo Michaels

Harvest Saga (Reap, Resist, Reclaim) by Casey L Bond

Betraying Ever After by Kelly Martin

The Vetala Chronicles (Naliyah & Matriarch) by Shauna Kelley

Never Forgotten by Kelly Risser

Oooh, and Bethany Lopez writers great romance

Anything by Melissa Foster, too

Wow, I really could keep going.

7. What can we expect next from you?

After finishing my shape-shifter series, the last book of which should be out by November, I plan to write a stand-alone about a soul’s journey to love and acceptance. These characters have been begging for their story, so I’m excited to dive in.


Favorite summertime beverage? Pina Colada on a beach somewhere.

Favorite Ice Cream flavor? Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Favorite part about summer? Hanging out with my kids.

Lounging on the beach or summer road trip? Beach.

Favorite ‘song of the summer’? I’m such a girl of the 80s… Bananarama’s Cruel Summer.



Going to UtopYA?!

Make sure you stop by Tia’s table and give her a BIG squeeze!




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A big thank you to Tia for giving us her time and sharing with us, here on LuLo Fangirl! I’m sure you’ll see us in a picture or two (or a video or two) together at some point because I simply cannot wait to squeeze this one!

Of course, you know the drill. Ethan, from One Guy’s Guide to Good Reads, is featuring another author on his blog today! And it’s… Sarah Negovetich!

Click the banner below to check his feature out!




  1. EEK! It’s my bestie! 🙂 She’s so amazing. You’re gonna love her as much as I do. This was an awesome interview, ladies! Well done. WRITE ON!



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