#DiverseAThon (Jan 2017) is Here!! My TBR!!

DiverseAThon Banner


DiverseAThon is BACK! And better than ever! And I’m so excited!

For those of you that don’t know, DiverseAThon is a weeklong readathon that I started with my friends, Monica, Joce, and Whitney. We felt that there was an intense need for a readathon that celebrate diversity within literature. That focuses on authors of marginalized backgrounds. Brings stories that are commonly overlooked to the forefront and through those stories, a dialogue is sparked that ignites passion for ALL types of literature and people. This readathon was actually a response to an anti-diversity video that went viral in 2016.

Together, the four of us created DiverseAThon.

With the first event being so successful, we wanted to bring it back again. AND we have a new host, Simon, who is stepping in for Whitney.

This readathon has no challenges, except to read diverse books. It starts today, January 22, and goes until January 29.

Here’s my video that I filmed that will explain more about DiverseAThon —



I’ve decided to read 2-3 books during the week of DiverseAThon. The books are in the video above, but I thought I’d post them here too.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay


Why I Chose This Book:

Feminism — INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM — has always been a hidden focus of mine, but before I could truly delve in, I needed to be confronted with my own bigoted actions. This book not only aims to educate me, but it definitely will call me out on a lot of my own harmful actions and thoughts.

Plus, Roxane Gay is a badass Haitian-American bisexual woman, who has a big opinion that I wholeheartedly appreciate.

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi


Why I Chose This Book:

This book was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who recently came out as asexual. And while that doesn’t have much to do with the premise of this book, I trust her deeply when it comes to recommending books that speak to her and that will speak to me as well.

The author of this book is British-Nigerian and she is been known to weave stories together that paint a picture of many coexisting realities. From issues on sexuality, gender, race, etc. I’m intrigued by this collection of short stories.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead


Why I Chose This Book:

Because Colson Whitehead, winner of the National Book Award for THIS book, seeks to make you rethink history as he paints a picture of the past through reimagining the Underground Railroad as a physical train.

I know this book is going to prompt me to go back and relearn my history and I look forward to the many a-ha moments that I know this book is going to give me.

And that’s that!

Here’s my ask of you — if you’re participating in DiverseAThon and you have a blog, post about it. Share your TBR and explain why you chose your books. Let’s start actually thinking about why we read what we read!

Make sure you use the hashtag #diverseathon, when you share your links on social media!

— Christina Marie

P.S. Here are our Twitter chat times, if you wish to join in on those!


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