Review Policy and Requests


I absolutely LOVE introducing people to new authors! I love being introduced to new authors! It’s what drives my passion to do what I do.

I review books for the sole purpose of sharing books with others and letting readers know what they can expect from a book or an author. And if it’s even worth the time to do so.

I am always honest in my reviews. Some are lengthier than others, some are really short. But they’re always honest. I’m very good at saying what I need to say in the amount that I deem necessary.

I read for enjoyment. I read for pleasure. So when I accept a review request, there has to be an interest in for me. I cannot and will not read a book that I don’t think I will enjoy. It’s no fun for anyone involved — especially me!


Most of my reviews are favorable. I’m very good at picking out things that I love. If I don’t love something, it comes as a complete surprise to me and I am SO SAD about it!

With that being said, here’s how I rate my books —

★★★★★ – absolutely PHENOMENAL read; close to perfection in writing style, character development, plot progression, and emotional connection

★★★★ – VERY good read. Loved everything about it. There may have been a moment or two of disconnect, uneven pacing or lack of character/plot development.

★★★ – I liked it. Didn’t love it, but it was still a good read.

★★ – Didn’t enjoy it. But there’s a LOT of room for improvement, which is why I’m reviewing.

★ – Did NOT like. At all.

I DO rate with half stars, too, and you can infer why I would do that. And usually, I explain it in my review, if necessary.

What I Review.

Diverse reads have ULTIMATE priority. I like to read most genres. The ones that I tend to struggle with are historical fiction, high fantasy, and non-fiction. I can sometimes enjoy those, but if I do — usually there’s a romantic subplot in there somewhere.

Can you tell? I’m a hopeless romantic.

I read anything from Middle Grade to Young Adult to Adult, and everything in between.

But I will not read anything with the following content:

– pedophilia

– bestiality (paranormal romance is okay)

– threesomes

– infidelity (there needs to be character redemption or punishment for me to read it)

– rape (same qualifications as infidelity)

– abuse (same qualifications as infidelity)

– erotica


You can, of course, find my reviews here on my blog. But I also cross post on my Facebook page, on Twitter, on Goodreads, and on Tumblr.

I also post on Amazon. I can do B&N and other sites, IF requested. But usually, I just post on Amazon.


It’s such an HONOR to be contacted by someone for a book review and I treat it as such. But I do tend to get a lot of requests at the moment, so I ask that if you wish for me to review, that you please understand that it could take me a month or two to get to your book. When you contact me, I will give you a timeframe for when I can have a review and you can accept or decline that timeframe.


If you’d like to submit a request for a review, you can email me at I’d love to talk!

Thanks so much!

Christina Marie, LuLo Fangirl

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